2012 Kairos Awards--Nomination Deadline is February 27!

Kairos: A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy requests nominations for its annual awards, which will be presented at the 2012 Computers and Writing Conference. The deadline for nominations for all awards is February 27, 2012.

For complete information about all awards and a list of past winners,please visit http://kairos.technorhetoric.net/awards.html.

Please submit nominations for:

* The Kairos Best Webtext Awards, for the best academic webtext published in the previous calendar year (the webtext does not have to be published in Kairos). For criteria and submission guidelines, please visit http://kairos.technorhetoric.net/awards/webtextnom.html. Webtexts must have been initially published between January 1 and December 31, 2011.

* The John Lovas Memorial Academic Weblog Award (formerly Kairos Best Academic Weblog Award), for an outstanding blog devoted largely to academic pursuits. For criteria and submission guidelines, please visit http://kairos.technorhetoric.net/awards/weblognom.html.

* The Kairos Awards for Graduate Students and Adjuncts (formerly the Kairos/Lore Awards and generously co-sponsored by Bedford/St. Martin's Press), a series of three awards to recognize outstanding contributions in teaching, research, and service to the field of computers and writing by graduate students and non-tenure-track faculty. For criteria and submission guidelines, please visit http://kairos.technorhetoric.net/awards/gradadjunctnom.html.

All award nominations should be sent to kcommunications@gmail.com no later than February 27, 2012. Questions in advance of submission should be sent to the same address.