"9/11 Survivor" Game Being Developed

I suppose it was inevitable. The Kinematic group has a web site linking to their game in development, "9/11 Survivor, in which some players will have to "choose between being engulfed by flames or jumping from window" (not all spawning points are in areas from where survival is possible). A few screenshots are now available, as well as a "design document," both of which are disturbing in their own way. The group's web site is a little more reassuring, claiming that:

"9/11 Survivor is a game project that examines the role of media in our culture, and the influence that continuous, hyper exposure has on our overall perception of the distinctions between reality and media mediation. This project raises questions regarding how and why popular media forms, such as games and movies, deal with tragedy, conflict and violence."


I can't see anything at these links! Maybe the site got pulled down?

The links were working last night. Perhaps the sensitive nature of the material prompted a hasty depublishing; maybe even a hacker unimpressed by the concept took it down.

They still work for me.