Al Gore to Join Apple's Board

Apple Computers has named the tech championing former vice-president (and would-be president) Al Gore to its board of directors. Gore has been an avid Apple fan and has even used Final Cut Pro to edit videos (I'm having a hard time imagining this, but I'll buy).

Here's a quote from Al Gore, courtesy of CNET: "Steve and his team have done an incredible job in making Apple once again the very best in the world," Gore said. "I have been particularly impressed with the new Mac OS X operating system and the company's commitment to the open-source movement. And I am especially looking forward to working with and learning from the great board members who have guided this legendary company's inspiring resurgence."

I guess if Gore had been elected President, we'd have seen some Apples at the White House.

I guess this means Al Gore and Bill Gates aren't getting along very well!


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