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Position Announcement: Instructor of Writing Enriched Curriculum

Hi All:

Sorry to be gone for so long. BUT . . . I do have a job announcement that I hope will be of interest to some knews readers.

Please let me know if you have questions or know of anyone who might be interested in joining our program!



Position Announcement

Instructor of Writing Enriched Curriculum

Center for Writing and Rhetoric

University of Mississippi

File Format Warz: Do They Matter?

OK, so I admit that I am baiting Charlie with that title, but I would like to ask a few questions to get a sense of everyone's investment in open source vs. proprietary file formats. For those who haven't followed it, here's the backstory (as I understand it):


Computers and Writing 2008-- Deadline Extended

The deadline for paper, panel, and workshop submissions for Computers & Writing 2008 has been extended to January 24. This year's theme is “Open Source as Technology and Concept,” and we welcome everyone to visit the conference website to learn more about the conference, the Athens area, and to access our online (and open source) proposal and registration system.

We look forward to seeing you in Athens!


The conference CFP is enclosed below for your convenience.

CFP: Computers and Writing 2008

Woo - hoo!

Here 'tis. Gotta love this year's theme.

Computers & Writing 2008: Open Source as Technology and Concept

This is not political . . .

Well, okay, it is inherently political, but my point here is really one of coherence and not politics. Yesterday I heard most of Bush's speech on his new torture policy. I was dumsbtruck when I heard the following sentences. I tried to ignore it, yet I heard this very text again on the radio a few minutes ago. No one has commented on what I see as a completely staggering illogic; does anyone else see the same problem?

Here's the text I'm referring to:


These men will be held in a high-security facility at Guantanamo. The International Committee of the Red Cross is being advised of their detention, and will have the opportunity to meet with them.



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