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Announcing the publication of Writing Spaces: Readings on Writing, Vol 1

Writing Spaces: Readings on Writing, Volume 1, is now available for free download. This open textbook collection includes sixteen essays written for the first year composition classroom, all released under Creative Commons licenses, all written by writing teachers for students.

Topics in Volume 1 of the series include academic writing, how to interpret writing assignments, motives for writing, rhetorical analysis, revision, invention, writing centers, argumentation, narrative, reflective writing, Wikipedia, patchwriting, collaboration, and genres.

Writing Spaces to Publish Two Volumes

I want to share the news about Writing Spaces. Thanks to the many wonderful proposals by people in our field (over 100), there will be two volumes published in the Winter of 2010. From the Writing Spaces announcement:


Can students now take video cameras to the theater?

The U.S. Copyright Office recently had a hearing to consider fair use exemptions for the DMCA. One of the exemptions brought up was to allow circumvention of DVD copyright protection in order to make clips for educational use. As one would expect, the MPAA was resistant to this idea. Public Knowledge (and others) have reported that the MPAA demonstrated an alternative method of using a camcorder and tripod to capture the clips off of a TV screen.

MPAA shows how to videorecord a TV set from timothy vollmer on Vimeo.

As Martine Courant Rife pointed out, this method is "like typing up a quote from a book, taking it outside, chiseling the words in a rock, photographing the rock, scanning the photo, and running OCR on it." I'm certain most of us in education agree with Martine and find the MPAA's method ludicrous. But if it's fair use for educators to record short clips off of the screen for educational purposes, it's fair use for our students, too.

Now, IANAL, but it seems to me the MPAA has opened a door for a wider fair use practice. Screen size shouldn't matter, right? Perhaps we should test this and send legions of students into the movie theaters armed with video recording devices. Maybe that potential fair use instance might make the MPAA reconsider again their stance on allowing DVD DeCSS.

Lost Generation

I found this on Presentation Zen. Reynolds is right. This is an amazing new media text. I don't want to say anything about it, other than pretty much everyone following this site will appreciate it :-)


Matt Barton Scores Small Reoccurring Role in Stargate Universe

Congratulations to our own Matt Barton for winning a small reoccurring role in the new Stargate Universe series to premier this fall on SciFi Channel. Matt will play the character of Mondain Minax, a cyber-space explorer and weirding weapons expert who lives more in VR than RL. Minax is a member of the crew of the alien Sontarans space vessel Zero Wing (veQDuj'oH Dujllj'e') which acts as a foil to the Stargate Universe crew during episodes 3, 7, & 11.


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