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Amazon Memoir: The Oft-Told Story

Wired has a review of Michael Daisey's 21 Dog Years: Doing Time at Amazon.com. While the review makes it sound like it's mostly a dot com business story, it still may be of interest to those who want to learn more about the world's largest online book store.

Indian children use cyber cafes to get online

May 22 2002: A new report on Internet usage in India indicates that cyber cafes are the dominant access point for school users.

Results from an NUA Internet Survey.

Europe Bans Spam

According to The Register, the European parliament passed a law stating "that people will have to 'opt in' or ask to receive commercial email." Meanwhile, our Congressmen are part of the spamming problem here in the US :)


Remember Typewriters?

From The Chronicle of Higher Education:

Richard Polt, creator of the Classical Typewriter Page, says that there is poetic justice in his pet project: He uses the Internet to chronicle the history of a machine that computers have made obsolete.

AOL Test May Renew Browser War

This Wired article discusses the upcoming switch of AOL to Mozilla from IE in its upcoming 8.0 AOL software release. Apparently, AOL has already tested Mozilla as the default browser with it's Compuserve division. Author Paul Boutin points out that "with 34 million subscribers worldwide and 20 percent of the U.S. ISP market, America Online would single-handedly roll back a big chunk of Microsoft's 90-plus percent market share among browsers by switching to Mozilla."

It troubles me that in questioning why AOL would make this move, the article begins by asking "Why bother?" And while it's clear that the purpose of the article is to understand what the business advantages would be for AOL in switching, the tone of that question, as well as the rest of the article, seems to make a case for complacency -- for having AOL and Mozilla step aside to allow IE's continued dominance of the browser market -- all in the name of web standards. It also erroneously implies that the geek community is happy with in an IE world.


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