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Hackers Hard at Work Being Hacktivists

The Register's story Waging Peace on the Internet describes Hacktivism, the use of "technology to advance human rights through electronic media." The Hacktivists are concerned with issues of privacy and the free flow of information, suggesting, too, that open source is important to supporting their beliefs.

Children, Seniors and Surfing the Web

The Register and The Sydney Morning Herald are both citing research which shows that children are easily frustrated when surfing online. Interestingly, The Herald's piece also mentions comparative data which suggests that seniors "reported having a more satisfying time online" than children.


Yet Another News Item on Weblogs

MSNBC has followed up yesterday's Wired must read with this article examining the potential use of weblogs in the business community. One business user explains that using weblogs allows professionals to disseminate information more efficiently than by using email. Seems to me that the asynchronous nature of blogging might play into this as well.Plus, blogs can't spam!

Digital Equity: It's Not Just about Access Anymore

This piece from TechLearning.com looks within issues of literacy and access to look at digital equity: "In simple terms, digital equity means all students have adequate access to information and communications technologies for learning and for preparing for the future-regardless of socioeconomic status, physical disability, language, race, gender, or any other characteristics that have been linked with unequal treatment."

One interesting side point about gender differences in using technology, the author sites a study from the Center for Children and Technology which shows "that females like to use technology to help solve everyday problems and to collaborate with others, while males are drawn to the technological objects themselves and enjoy solving problems that take them inside the machines."

Inventing the Future

The future is here. It's just not evenly distributed yet." I recently came across that quote from science-fiction writer William Gibson, and I've been repeating it ever since.

Tim O'Reilly, founder and president of O'Reilly Publishing, explains the emerging technologies which will shape the Web over the next several years, followed by a detailed explanation of the role that web spiders will play.



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