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Designing Choreographies for the "New Economy of Attention"

In the Spring 2009 edition of Digital Humanities Quarterly, Eric Gordon of Emerson College and David Bogen of RISD write about “Designing Choreographies for the 'New Economy of Attention.'” This is one of the smartest pieces I've seen about the use of multiple forms of wireless media in the classroom because it goes beyond the old binaries of support/subvert.

UK degree in Social Technology

London South Bank University is now offering a 3 year program (BA) in Social Technology. Here's the description: "This is an innovative course in a new and rapidly developing area of modern society that will give you the opportunity for in-depth study of the implications and applications of modern technologies. The focus is on people’s use of technology rather than technology for its own sake."

Anyone know of a commensurate undergraduate degree in the U.S.?

Beyond Bootcamp Multimedia Workshops

Rich Beckman, the new Knight Chair of Visual Journalism at the School of Communication at the University of Miami, started a series of multimedia workshops at his former institution, University of North Carolina. He's relaunching them at UM. While the main focus is on journalism, these intensive courses also look interesting for computers & writing folk, so here's the link for the website describing them and giving registration information. Also, what could be better than Miami in January?

Up, up and away

Adam Thierer in Technology Liberation Front has a nice overview of the recent raft of books on the internet. Thierer presents a schema grouping optimists and pessimists, and books by their beliefs/themes.


New Online Application: Flowgram

Abhay Parekh recently launched a new application, Flowgram, that those in the computers and writing crowd may want to check out. Think of it as Powerpoint-plus. An online screencasting program, Flowgram enables you to load URLs, images, and Powerpoints onto the web, to add layered audio, notes, and highlighting, and then to play the pages or to share them.


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