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Technology and Activism

The WTO is meeting in Cancun next month and, according to this Wired.com news article activists are preparing "high-tech weapons for getting their message across." The acitivists are hopeful for participation, despite the fact that only "10 percent of Mexico's population regularly goes online."
One activist group mentioned,

MSWord Records Government Authorship

I know this is from July, but I ran across it at M.C. Morgan's blog recently and it seemed an interesting story. It seems that Word documents made available by the UK government retained some information about who had made alterations to the file. The revelation that a junior press officer had last changed the file was a minor embarrassment for Number 10 press chief Alastair Campbell.


"Power Corrupts. Powerpoint Corrupts Absolutely"

The line above is from the article, "Powerpoint is Evil," which is yet another installment in the long diatribe against the ubiquitous Microsoft presentation software.

See this past Kairosnews post for more articles on Powerpoint.


Pirating Digital Images of Fine Art?

The recording industry is in the middle of fighting the mass downloading of pirated music files. This article in the New Scientist suggests that digitized images could be the next arena for such a battle. Amazon.com is already involved in a lawsuit, propelled by the DMCA, concerning selling images without consent.

Students Returning to Schools Committed to Technology

A very fair article in the NYTimes about the use of technology in writing classes. The article (quoting people such as David Bloome, president of NCTE) puts in a good word for revision, peer review, audience-centered writing, and less teacher-centered classrooms, all of which, it suggests, can be furthered through the introduction of technology. It even mentions wikis and blogs. :)


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