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Skip Publishers: Go Directly to Kindle

There's a story on CNET about how an agent has published 20 novels from Mailer, Roth, Bellow, Updike, and others directly to Kindle--bypassing big publishers. The end result is a much higher royalty for the authors, though the author of the piece (Carnoy) points out that these ebooks are too expensive ($10) and quite spartan. Another downside (or perhaps upside if Amazon markets them heavily) is that they're exclusive to the Kindle for 2 years.

Blizzard "Real Name" Controversy

I'm not sure how many of you are aware of the recent flap over at Blizzard over their plan to require real names for all participants on their forums. I just learned today that Blizzard has stepped down after receiving considerable pressure from the fans--apparently many were threatening to quit over it.

Fun with Inform 7

Charlie Lowe to Voice Cy-Kill in Upcoming Gobots 3D Movie

With all the hooplah over the Transformers movies, it was only a matter of time before a studio (in this case Tunkah Productions) put a Gobots movie in the works. You can see an early trailer for the film here.

Charlie Lowe, always a huge fan of the toys and cartoon series, has managed to land the enviable role of Cy-Kill, the super-cool motorcycle Gobot. Below is a brief interview I conducted with him.

Matt Interviews R.A. Montgomery (author/publisher of Choose Your Own Adventure)

Hi, everyone. Been awhile since I posted any updates, but a timely email from Charlie concerning the little bit part I've been playing in Stargate Universe sent me back here to see how ol' Kairosnews has been doing. Anyway, I thought you might enjoy a video interview I did recently with R.A. Montgomery, author and publisher of the famous Choose-Your-Own-Adventure series of books for young people. Mr. Montgomery and I talked about many topics related to the books, including his thoughts on education. Enjoy!


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