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KB Journal 2.1 Released

I'm happy to announce that volume 2, issue 1 of KB Journal is now ready for reading and commentary (KB = Kenneth Burke). It includes three essays, several book reviews, and some new Happenings. In this issue you’ll find articles on Native American rhetoric, advertising, and trained incapacity by some promising young scholars. KB Journal publishes articles under a Creative Commons license (one of the first in rhet/comp to do so) and is using Drupal as the platform. The new work includes:

Symbolic Suicide as Mortification, Transformation, and Counterstatement: The Conciliatory (Yet) Resistant Surrender of Maka-tai-mesh-ekia-kiak
Jason Edward Black, University of Alabama

Google-izing Topoi

Steven Johnson has a new article in the New York Times Book Review that discusses how new desktop search technologies enable (or stimulate) connections across our own writing, notes, published work, etc. I tend to write this way, but finding the paths has been tricky. Faster desktop searching has really been a great help. If something like Google Desktop would just search stickies, notes, and other types of files where it's more convenient to collect stuff, we'd have something.


Tool for Thought
Published: January 30, 2005

Kenneth Burke and His Circles: 19th Penn State Conference on Rhetoric and Composition

Kenneth Burke Conference: News Update

Kenneth Burke fans should know that there has been an addition to the already impressive cohort of keynote and featured speakers appearing at the "Kenneth Burke and his Circles" conference at Penn State next summer: Arabella Lyon of SUNY Buffalo, author of Intentions: Negotiated, Contested, and Ignored.

Go to


to see the full list (click on the "Keynote and Featured Speakers" link located in the menu to your right).

While you're visiting the website, you can learn more about the conference, register, find lodging information, and submit individual paper or session proposals: Don't forget that the deadline to submit individual paper or session proposals for the conference is February 1st!


Computers and Composition Special Issue: Multimedia Composition

Computers and Composition: An International Journal invites contributions for a special issue.

Multimedia Composition: Pedagogies, Production, Possibilities

Guest-edited by David Blakesley and Karl Stolley

Deadline for submissions is May 1, 2005.

Announcement: The Writing Instructor Offers Creative Commons Licensing Option

It's a wave . . .

Charlie and I have discussed CC licensing and I'm pleased to say that (some time ago) TWI decided to offer authors the option of copyrighting their work in this way.

It's pretty likely that TWI will make it standard to publish all work with a creative commons license with the copyright resting with TWI. That leaves the author with rights to the work and perhaps addresses the issue I mention here . . .


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