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e-books coming of age?

It's time to combat plagiarism!

The Wired Campus newsletter from the Chronicle of Higher Education asks, seeming yet again, "Should Colleges do More to Teach Students about Plagiarism?" My answers is, maybe the this is the wrong question. Most of the plagiarism we encounter is improperly cited work, which may or may not be an attempt to deceive. With regard to the article itself, more likely to be informative, or at least of interest, is the ensuing discussion the article prompts.

Justice Department may hold websites to ADA standards

According to a report in the online Chronicle of Higher Education, The Justice Department "this week announced that it is considering revising ADA regulations 'to establish specific requirements for state and local governments and public accommodations to make their Web sites accessible to individuals with disabilities.'"

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A little sanity in the file sharing wars?

The Chronicle of Higher Education's Wired Campus reported today that "A federal judge has cut a Boston University student’s illegal file-sharing fine by 90 percent, declaring the original fee “unconstitutionally excessive.” The decision is sure to be appealed. More information at

And you thought plagiarism detection was only for students

The Chronicle of Higher Education's Wired Campus reported on July 12, 2010 that more than 80 academic journal publishers, including Elsevier and Springer, are are using plagiarism detection software developed by iParadigm, the company behind Turnitin, the widely praised and panned plagiarism detection service. Called CrossCheck, the software has reportedly sniffed out "high rates of plagiarism," though the highest rate of purported and reported plagiarism is seven percent in submissions to one unamed journal.


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