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Torture Chamber for Spammers

This NY Times article describes a "virtual torture chamber" for spammers. Possible punishments include "a spam-alanche, boiling oil and virtual death by flying monkeys."

"Stars Come Out" Against Music Piracy

Washington Post reports that the recording industry is beginning a "star-studded" ad campaign against online music piracy featuring Britney Spears and Stevie Wonder. The campaign will include full-page newspaper ads as well as radio and tv spots.

Comment: are these artists basically saying "let us make more money?"

Vox Populi, Online and Downtown

According to this article from the NY Times, online discussions about the future of ground zero can be considered a "model for civic engagement." This article, I think, could be used to teach about online communities

Chinese Web Author Arrested

LA Times reports that a Chinese web author who had been posting political essays on the Internet was arrested by authorities. Another testament to the information dissemination power of the Internet as well as of the Chinese government's willingness to fight dissidents.


Music Swappers Willing to Pay?

According to this article in the NY Times, free music swapping that has brought down Napster may be taking another turn. The article claims that more file swapping service users are seriously considering subscribing to the new fee-based services to download music. If this is so, the recording industry is winning


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