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Website Fights Copyright and Royalties

LA Times reports that the US Supreme Court is about to consider a case which could render the early images of Mickey Mouse and Gershwin tunes unprotected by copyright. At issue is the Copyright Term Extension Act of 1998 which, as its name suggests, gives extensions to the terms for copyright protection.


KaZaA: the New Target of the Music Industry?

According to the NY Times, KaZaA may be the recording industry's next target. The article states that "a group of recording and motion picture companies has asked a federal judge to find the custodians of KaZaA liable for contributing to copyright infringement and financially benefiting from it."

The problem is that, unlike, Napster, KaZaA is managed out of Australia, and its servers are located in Denmark

New Bills Introduced to Allow Copying Digital Material

Washington Post reports that two new bills which would allow copying digital material have been introduced on Capitol Hill.

The first bill would allow people to make "back-up" copies of digital material, such as DVDs, CDs. video games, etc. The second would "permit circumventing copy-protection technology in digital content for "fair use" such as including a movie excerpt in a school project."

No Secure Documents Over Wireless Networks

Defense Department has released a directive prhibiting transmission of classified materials over wireless networks.

According to the report on CNET, "wireless telecom or computer-related equipment or systems are prohibited from accessing classified networks or computers, or from being used as the primary means of communications for critical mission operations."

Hackers Hit Hong Kong Newspaper

Since there has been so many postings here about Internet in China, this one seems appropriate.

NY Times reports that hackers have hit a Hong Kong newspaper and filled its site with messages attributed to the opressed religious group Falun Gong. Is this cyber-terrorism or promotion of free-speech?


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