Friday morning at the Surgery

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A short Flash "poem" about surgery work. The accompanying music was developed using Andre Michelle's ToneMatrix:

- Edward Picot

Remixing "A Story Before Bed"

When I found out that a spam blog called "" was republishing the entire content of my blog, and several other blogs, I first posted a screenshot of how my material appeared on the other site, and then a screenshot of how my screenshot had appeared on the other site. That site was also serving up an ad for "A Story Before Bed," a service that lets users with a webcam record a video of themselves reading a kind-friendly story.

Deadline Is May 30!

Final reminder: The deadline for submissions for the Georgia International Conference on Information Literacy is May 30!   This year's keynote speaker is Mike Palmquist, Associate Vice Provost for Learning and Teaching, Institute for Learning and Teaching, Colorado State University.  The conference is hosted in the historic district of downtown Savannah, September 23-24, 2011.  

CFP: Writing Spaces Seeks Proposals for the 4th Volume

Good news. Writing Spaces, an open textbook for writing classes, is in the midst of manuscript review for the 3rd volume (it's going well, and we hope to publish in December 2011). And now we have a call out for the 4th volume. While we would love to see proposals on a wide range of topics, there are some specific emphasis areas for this volume:

London Churches, Part 4

London Churches part 4 image

"The Bank of England. I've never actually seen it before. Monolithic building, like a ziggurat. Staring blank walls, fortress-like. Two grey-haired bearded men in black overcoats, polished black shoes, pacing the pavement, side by side, both smoking cigars, deep in conversation. Incredible: like something out of the 1920s. Grey-haired men with cigars, controlling the economy."


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