Open Source Software and Libraries Bibliography

"This bibliography has been compiled by Brenda Chawner, School of Information Management, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, as part of her Ph.D. studies. This is the first version, and it includes announcements, journal articles, and web documents that are about open source software development in libraries. It also includes articles that describe specific open source applications used in libraries, in particular Koha, Greenstone, and MyLibrary."


From Internet to Gutenberg

A lecture presented by Umberto Eco at
The Italian Academy for Advanced Studies in America

November 12, 1996



By Judy Keiner. Abstract: The impact of publication of her writing worldwide on a talented but previously reluctant child author via a dedicated Website for children is discussed. Analysis of appropriate WWW design features and support strategies by adult mentors seeking to help promote children's writing is offered. Positive outcomes were generated by unique features of WWW publication, including access counters and hyperlinked email response facilities. A strategy of enabling the child to respond to large numbers of email responses by dictating answers is shown to have resulted in progress in epistolary composition skills.


Universities in the Digital Age

By John Seely Brown & Paul Duguid. Abstract: The university's value, we claim, lies in the complex relationship it creates between knowledge, communities, and credentials. Changes contemplated in either the institutional structure or technological infrastructure of the university should recognize this relationship. In particular, any change should seek to improve the ability of students to work directly with knowledge-creating communities. We offer a couple of examples of currently successful Internet-supported teaching that suggest how technology can do this. Then we explore some hypothetical institutional arrangements that might enable the university to take the fullest advantage of these emerging technological possibilities.


The Economy of Ideas: Selling Wine Without Bottles on the Global Net

By John Perry Barlow. "Throughout the time I've been groping around Cyberspace, there has remained unsolved an immense conundrum that seems to be at the root of nearly every legal, ethical, governmental, and social vexation to be found in the Virtual World. I refer to the problem of digitized property.

The riddle is this: if our property can be infinitely reproduced and instantaneously distributed all over the planet without cost, without our knowledge, without its even leaving our possession, how can we protect it? How are we going to get paid for the work we do with our minds? And, if we can't get paid, what will assure the continued creation and distribution of such work? . . ."


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