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Writing has changed due to the affordances of digital technologies, and writing assessment has changed as well. As writing programs integrate more digital writing work, students, teachers, and administrators face the rewards and challenges of assessing multimodal and networked writing projects. Whether classroom-based or program-level; whether in first-year writing, technical communication, or writing-across-the-curriculum; whether formative or summative; and whether for purposes of placement, grading, self-study, or external reporting, digital writing complicates the processes and practices of assessment.

There are, of course, many ways to consider the intersections of the terms digital, writing, and assessment (see, for instance, Ericsson & Haswell, 2006; Herrington, Hodgson, & Moran, 2009; Neal, 2011; Penrod, 2005). In this collection, we put emphasis on assessment of digital writing—the methodological, technological, and ethical approaches for and issues involved with assessing multimodal, networked texts (and the student learning they represent)...

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Proposals due July 15, 2011.