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Is my blog mentioned in the right place? It's sorta hangin' out there on the right all by itself under Weblogs for Educators while there are all these other ones listed under Rhetoric & Composition Weblogs. Whenever I mentioned mine, I think I must have mentioned it in response to the wrong question or in the wrong place. It's the ideawarehouse one.
Wendy Austin

I'd like to add two blogs to the blog list as well but am not sure how to proceed. The first is the new blog for The English Council of California, a collective of teacher scholars:


The second is a comp./creative writing blog for the teacher/scholar list.


G. S. Enns
The English Council Blog
Ruined by Books Blog

I'll be glad to add them in. How would you like to title them and who are the author(s) as in the format for the others in the list?

Thanks! Here's the info. on these two blogs...

TITLE: "The English Council of California Two Year Colleges" (or just "The English Council" if you need to shorten)
URL: http://ecctyc.blogspot.com

TITLE: "Ruined by Books"
AUTHOR: G. S. Enns
URL: http://ruinedbybooks.blogspot.com

G. S. Enns
The English Council Blog
Ruined by Books Blog

Got them added.

Thanks, Kairos, for adding the blogs to your list. This blogroll is a fantastic resource and a great place to network.

G. S. Enns
The English Council Blog
Ruined by Books Blog

feel free to suggest them. i can add them in.

Just noticing--some of these are apparently dead. Hard to tell if they're permanently down or temporarily so.

Could you add my weblog in to the Rhetoric and Composition list? It's called "Ideawarehouse" written by me and often linked to my students' blogs as well, but I'm going to be proposing a Digital Writing, Culture, and Ethics course next month for our school, so it'll have more scholarly info in it than perhaps in the past. At the moment it's actually in the Weblogs for Educators, but since I'm not a Teacher Ed person but more a Rhet/Comp scholar, (although I certainly think/hope I'm an educator, too) I'd like it to be in that longer list. Thanks. Also I'm going to be chairing that Beginning Blogging Workshop at CCCC (Blogging for Teaching and Learning), so I'll probably be posting/linking another blog from the Ideawarehouse site. Thanks.
Wendy Warren Austin
Edinboro University

Sure I can. What's the URL?

Of course! (I can't believe I didn't include it in earlier email! ..duh!) It's http://ideawarehouse.typepad.com
Thanks, Charlie.

Wendy Warren Austin

Added to the list.

hi charlie

can you add one of my blogs http://writingassessment.blogspot.com to the list?


Any time. All done.

I'd like to suggest my blog, The Metaphor Observatory. Its main goal is to teach readers to recognize and assess the metaphors present in their daily lives. This year it released the first annual list of top metaphors in the media.


I've recently started a blog on teaching writing called "Matt on Writing and Teaching" at http://mattsblogblog.blogspot.com/. Would you mind adding it to this list? I'd love to have some compositionists read and comment on my blog.

--Matt Schneider

bradley || bleckblog.org

Jaque McLeod Rogers
Blog was removed?

I'm not sure about the question, but one thing you can do is put a link in as your signature. We're you looking to have it added to the blogroll?

bradley || bleckblog.org

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