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    Make that March 2013 Special Issue for Computers and Composition, Fall 2012 for Computers and Composition Online. Okay! Now , send us your abstracts before the 8th and we'll give responses in September. :-)

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    ANYONE HAVE a solution to this ERROR MESSAGE: The command cannot be complete because the document is locked for editing?

    I've been using the reference tool and editing references (or adjusting them to my way of using them) just fine. Today, I can't edit the citations. I mean I can use the "edit citation" feature of the tool; however, I cannot add "e.g.," within the parantheses, as one example. This was working fine but today I keep getting the error message: This command cannot be completed because the document is locked for editing." The document is not locked for editing. I've locked and unlocked and locked and unlocked. I've restarted. It just doesn't let me edit anymore.


    Thanks, Deb

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    Glad to see you got it resolved, Dennis. And it's great story. Your various blog posts would make a good reading for an Internet Culture class. 

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    It would be great if it worked, and maybe in the right context with a system for social assessment it could—like allowing thumbs up and thumbs down other users' contributions. But it seems like it would take a lot of oversight and effort to referee the game.

    Assessment in collaborative writing has always been an issue, too. And that's my problem with the Wikia/Fallout Wiki Achievements. You can count edits, I suppose, or even the size of edits in kilobytes as a form of assessment, but you end up missing a lot of the (co)labor that might go into writing an article, for example, the discussion on an article talk page (if this is where students are doing that collaborative work). I didn't see achievements for edits other than on article pages. Of course, you could give points for edits on talk pages as well. But then you're back to the problem of people contributing to get points and the need for someway to judge the quality of contributions.

    Still, finding effective ways to motivate writing and meaningful talk about writing is something I'd like to get better at, and I'd like to find a way to assess student work on wikis that requires less of me reading through history and talk pages. Right now, whatever the project, like many of us, I ask students to account for their own activities, decisions, and learning, and that works fairly well.

    Thanks for the thought-provoking post!

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    Wow, I so got scooped with this...! Yuck. Guess that's what I get for thinking I actually had an original idea.

    Anyway, this does look amazing:

    Help Page for Achievements

    Here's the announcement blog post about it.

    I've been Tweeting with a guy about its use at Vault Wiki. Apparently, it does result in some nonsense (people just trying to get points), but great for special projects.