Abstract & Presentation Submissions

Abstract Submissions

Instead of the more traditional abstract review process, each abstract will undergo a public feedback process which will initiate preconference dialogue about presentation topics. A description of the process follows:

  • Each author will submit a 150-250 word abstract as a weblog post to Kairosnews no later than midnight, May 6. This deadline has been extended from May 2 at midnight.
  • Weblog posts will be publicly available on the home page of Kairosnews and on the conference weblog page, and as such, may receive responses from Kairosnews members via the comment board attached to the abstract and from other weblogs via trackbacks. Kairosnews has open membership, so anyone who would like to offer feedback is invited to register and comment.
  • Conference organizers will also appoint two official responders to comment on the abstract using the comment board.
  • Each author will also be responsible for finding a colleague to provide feedback via the comment board attached to the abstract.
  • Authors will be responsible for responding to all comments received by May 8. Because we feel that the public feedback process is one of the most important parts of the conference, authors will not be included on the program unless they participate in the process.
  • Following the end of the abstract submission period, conference organizers and the official responders will evaluate abstracts, comments received, and author responses. Official notification of acceptance will be sent by email on May 10.
  • Presentations will begin on May 31 and end on June 13.

For questions about submissions, please contact cw05submissions@kairosnews.org.

Submitting Your Abstract

To submit your abstract, please login to Kairosnews (if you are not a Kairosnews member, register first). Submit your abstract as a weblog post. Provide the following information:

  • Title of the presentation
  • Notice this as a Computers and Writing Online abstract submission with the following phrase at the top of the post: Abstract Submitted for Computers and Writing Online 2005
  • Text of the abstract
  • Your name
  • Your email address
  • Your institution

The submissions tutorial (available in pdf or Flash) gives more specific instructions and will walk you through the process. Once your abstract is submitted, it will appear as the newest post on the Kairosnews home page and will be available on the Computers and Writing Online 2005 post listing page. Submitters might also want to click the subscribe post link available under their weblog post to receive email notification of new comments to their post.

For questions about submissions, please contact cw05submissions@kairosnews.org.

For technical support regarding registration or posting to Kairosnews, please contact techsupport@kairosnews.org.


Presentation Submissions

Notifications of accepantance will be sent out on May 10. The acceptance notification will include a day and time for posting your presentation.

Submitting Your Presentation

On the date of your presentation, create a new weblog post on Kairosnews with the title of your presentation. Include with your post an abstract revised appropriately for the final version of the presentation.

  • Plain text/non-multimedia presentations. Your text may be pasted into your weblog post following the abstract for your presentation. It may be either plain text or HTML to allow for minor formatting. Please limit your use of HTML to the following markup:
    • <b>
    • <strong>
    • <i>
    • <em>
    • <br>
    • <ul>
    • <ol>
    • <li>
    • <blockquote>
    • <h2>, <h3>, etc.
    • <a href>
    • <img>

    Please do not use tables, font stylings, or any other markup other than the tags specified. HTML created with Microsoft Word will cause problems.

  • Multimedia presentations. Multimedia presentations such as multi-page websites, Flash, mpg's, etc., will be hosted offsite. Presenters who will not have hosting for their multimedia presentations should contact cw05submissions@kairosnews.org upon receiving official acceptance of their presentation; organizers will be able to provide permanent hosting space for the presentation on computersandwriting.org.

    When creating your weblog post, be sure to include a link to your presentation immediately following your abstract. Include a quick statement as to the multimedia format and any browser plugin requirements.
  • Synchronous Discussion. If you would like to use a MOO to help facilitate discussion of your topic, Purdue's EnCore MOO, ProNoun, can be placed at your disposal. Within one week of notification of your acceptance please submit three possible days for discussion to take place between 7-9 p.m. EST so that a support person can be available to help you with projectors, text recorders, and other equipment in the MOO as well as helping any new MOOers who might want to attend your session.

    The text of these MOO sessions will be made available on the conference site after the session is held.

For questions about presentation submission formats, please contact cw05submissions@kairosnews.org.


Copyright and Licensing of Submissions

Kairosnews has a default Creative Commons licensing statement that allows people to copy and distribute copies of all weblog posts if the use is noncommercial (Note: this license does not include comments). The notice about the CC licensing is at the bottom of every page:

Authors agree by posting that any original content other than comments, copyright owned by them, unless otherwise stated, is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 license for others to use.

For authors that do not want to allow copying of their work, be sure to include a standard All Rights Reserved notice at the bottom of your weblog post:

© 2005 by [Your Name]. All Rights Reserved.

Authors are also welcome to use other Creative Commons licenses by including the standard CC license notice at the bottom of their work.

For questions about copyright and licensing of submissions, please contact cw05submissions@kairosnews.org.


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