Digital Paper Coming Soon again?

Wired is running a story claiming that, once again, digital paper is right around the corner. Sony, the kingpin of DRM, apparently has some new tech out now that's really making some of the big boys see some glimmer of profit potential in the sleeker, far more expensive newsprint. Right now, though, things are looking pretty bleak: Sony's reader will cost between $300 and $400. "If you can get one of these products to cost less than the cost of a year's subscription it could probably work," said Kenneth Bronfin, president of Hearst Interactive Media. No, Ken, it won't. In fact, it'll only work if you can give away the reader for free and hope to God people are idiotic enough to feed the DRM beast by shelling out dough for rented crippleware they could get for free on the net...Then again, some people still buy newspapers, don't they?