Dissertation Changed My Online Habits

I have turned in the draft of my dissertation, which was a study of writing courses and online "learning management systems" such as Moodle and Blackboard. In particular, I was examining students with special needs and if the LMS platforms used within our department adequately accommodated the students.

We have "template" courses, designed by senior faculty. The primary platform is WebVista (Blackboard). There is no template for Moodle, but it is approved by the department for use in comp and technical writing courses.

I found, without question, Moodle was far more flexible for students with special needs. I was wondering if others here had the same experience? The RSS support, good text-to-speech support, and e-mail notification options really appealed to students. Blackboard doesn't even seem to allow students to override a course theme if the colors are a problem.

Anyway, I'd love to read the thoughts of others here.