Free Software for Starving Students

One of my colleagues just pointed out this website: Software for Starving Students. It's a free (as in cost) CD that includes a huge assortment of software that the group has deemed essential for students: GIMP, OpenOffice, FileZilla, uTorrernt, PDFCreator, VLC, GAIM, etc. (there are many more). Controversially, the CD contains some proprietary apps as well, and while there is a version for Windows and OS X, GNU/Linux users are out of luck. Why? Well, if you're using GNU/Linux, you ought to be smart enough to find all this free software on your own!

However, I think it's a nice idea, and I will definitely be pointing this out to students who are still using Microsoft Works and can't afford programs like Photoshop and Acrobat. Heck, it'd also be useful for many professors and instructors I know who just aren't savvy to the wide variety of high-quality, zero-cost tools are at their disposal. In short, this CD isn't just good for "starving students," but for anyone who's interested in learning about some really awesome free tools! Even I haven't heard of many of these--what the heck are Ant Renamer, Eraser, Juice Receiver, and Inkscape??


Yes, I ve heard something about this and I think it is a great idea.

There is tons of software out there that can cope with the comertial ones up to a level and it is almost impossible not to say unneccesary to purchase all that you need at one point or another.