From Model to Billboard in Under 60 Seconds

Metafilter posted a link to a Dove soap commercial that would be very useful as an example for the countless "Advertisers should stop making women feel bad in order to sell products" freshman papers I used to get when I taught a research-based basic comp course.




So the overweight, middle-aged, balding guys in beer commercials, that's just makeup and editing tricks, too, right? ;-)

----Definitely a good 30 second statement. Thanks for posting it, Dennis.

Charlie | cyberdash

This is great stuff! Definitely good fodder for my rhetoric and new media classes.

Check out Barton's gaming blog at Armchair Arcade.

How interesting that Dove has sponsored this short film and that it's part of their self-esteem initiative. On the one hand, it exposes the artificiality of the process of refashioning a face for a billboard and thus makes it less magical (and perhaps less glamorous). On the other, there's a glamor to the digital editing that we see happen before our eyes in a few seconds, with the hint that yes, you, too, could look like this if only you're digitally literate with PhotoShop! (I was quite impressed with the neck-stretching, shoulder-sloping morphs.)


Postscript: I missed (the first time) the closing line "No wonder our perception of beauty is distorted." I wonder--given the digital magic--if we might also say, "No wonder our perception of beauty is distortable!"

So, Charlie, exactly how many digital tricks would they have to use on you to get you in one of those beer commercials? (-:

The website for the campaign isn't even in the US. Wonder what that tells us.

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