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Hi All,

I'm coordinating a year-long Electronic Pedagogy workshop series for postdocs at Georgia Tech. One of the goals of the series is to have the participants propose, conduct, and publish (or at least submit) some sort of research project in the field of electronic/digital pedagogy. These projects can be classroom practice based, theory based, etc. The participants are teaching in Tech's fyw program.

I'm compiling a list of journals that deal with the topics of composition, electronic pedagogy, etc. So, what are your favorite journals?


Currents in Electronic Literacy has a CFP out for their next issue, which will be organized around the theme of the commons. If any of your students are working on projects related to this topic, this might be a good choice for them.

This isn't a journal but I think our web site has a variety of ideas on which your colleagues might work.

Look, for example, at the "Asking the Right Questions" program. Could they test modules such as these to see if faculty use them and even help others learn the techniques?
Or develop their own modules of this type?

Or look at the materials on ideas for dissertations and grant proposals:

If you'd like to talk about this, please let me know. I'm in this week and next.

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