Kairos 16.1--Unde​rgraduate Scholars in Writing and Rhetoric--​now available

Kairos: A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy is pleased to announce the release of Issue 16.1 for Fall 2011.  This special issue, (Re)mediating the Conversation: Undergraduate Scholars in Writing and Rhetoric, is guest edited by Shannon Carter and Bump Halbritter and rises from several related questions: What does undergraduate research in new media look like? How do we support it in the classroom? How do we support it beyond the classroom?
We invite you to view the issue and to discuss it here on KairosNews.
"Anna Wintour: The Truth Behind the Bob" by Tara Kloeppel
"Gendered Avatar Identity" by Viola Woolums
"Anatomy of an Article: A Film by Sylwester Zabielski and a Case Study by Joseph Janangelo" by Sylwester Zabielski and Joseph Janagelo with Jonathan Pearson, Patti Hanlon-Baker, and Jane Greer, Contributors

"The Facebook Papers" by Deborah Balzhiser, Mandy Grover, Evelyn Lauer, Sarah McNeely, Jonathan D. Polk, and Jon Zmikly with Cade Holmes, Ellen Porter, Corey Saucier, and Tiffany Swearingen, Contributors
"Xchanges Journal - Web Journal as the Writing Classroom: On Building an Academic Web Journal in a Collaborative Classroom" by Jacoby Boles and Julianne Newmark
"Big Questions, Small Works, Lots of Layers: Documentary Video Production and the Teaching of Academic Research and Writing" by Bump Halbritter, Noah Blon, and Caron Creighton

"The Importance of Undergraduate Multimedia: An Argument in Seven Acts" by Justin Hodgson, Scott Nelson, Andrew Rechnitz, and Cleve Wiese

2011 CCCC Reviews edited by Christopher Dean