Kairosnews Upgrade!

I'm sure you noticed that Kairosnews has a new look and feel. On Thursday, the Kairosnews server was shut down to replace a dead hard drive. At the same time, the server OS was reinstalled and upgraded to RedHat 7.3, and PostNuke was upgraded to .714. Consequently, the server should run faster now under a heavy load, and Kairosnews should be a little more bug free.

Because of the PostNuke upgrade, it was necessary to abandon the previous theme for the site. Members who find the default theme a little slow to load or causing viewing difficulties may also want to try one of the other themes available through the "My Account" section.

You may notice, too, that a few features are now missing. For example, since the Forums section has been inactive for over a month, editors elected not to reinstall it during the upgrade.

Please post impressions, problems and questions about the changes to Kairosnews in the comment board associated with this article. If you encounter any problems that you feel need immediate attention, please feel free to contact me.



Hint of the day: once logged in, try hitting the minus icon in one of the side blocks.