LiveDVD -- OLPC & Textbook Revolution Team Up to Distribute Free Content

Took me awhile to figure what was going on here, but after seeing this post on Slashdot I learned that OLPC is teaming up with to gather a bunch of free content for schools, which Creative Commons will then burn to a DVD, which will be distributed by South by Southwest.

The LiveDVD is described as follows:

LiveContent 2.0 is a LiveDVD full of free and open source software and Creative Commons' licensed open content — audio, video, image, text and educational resources. LiveContent is a project for anyone to explore to learn more about about open content that can be freely used, copied, and built upon.

As long as you're putting around, you might check out the ccLearn homepage. These are all great initiatives, and I sure hope they're able to get more college faculty involved. Seeing that chart about Firefox use among college students has me pumped as well. Good stuff!

BTW, there's a Facebook group trying to get Lessig to run for Congress. Damn, wouldn't you like to see that? Of course, Lessig has since "moved on" from CC stuff to focus on "corruption," which is unfortunate (in my opinion, at least). The copyright issue is a real beast that warrants slaying. "Corruption" just seems like the hydra. Even if you find and lop off one head, guess what happens...Well. Anyway.


Damn, wouldn't you like to see that?

Nope. I'd rather see him serve on the administration as an advisor ;-)

Charlie | cyberdash

Have you seen the new Lessig08 website, Matt? He's thinking about it.

Charlie | cyberdash

I don't think Lessig would be able to do much as a congressman. There are too many mouths to feed, too much work to be done to stay in office and too little sway by anyone one member of congress. How about head of the FCC, working top-down with Congress rather than as a newbie trying to get others to jump on his bandwagon. Maybe there's another position where he could facilitate progressive change. It would probably pay better than congress too, with much less pandering for campaign funds.

bradley ||

Eh. I think he just wussed out.

I've heard so many people blathering about "change" lately that it's starting to set off my b.s. detector. Change congress, change this, change babies, got any spare change, changichanga

Better strategy is just to say "We'll cut taxes and give you the money back we're saving by not taking it from you to put into programs to help you earn it."

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