MacArthur Foundation / Digital Media and Learning Project

I thought I'd mention that a new project has just been launched by the MacArthur Foundation that should be of interest to many of us, the Digital Media and Learning Project. The overall goal is to study how new media technologies are changing the way young people "play, socialize, and engage in civic life." I think it's safe to say that we should also be studying how young people change those media technologies themselves (as active agents). We've seen plenty of that happen, and it's the source of much of our innovation (innovation that often matters most).

In any case, keep your eye on this project and the studies that emerge from it. I hope some people in rhetoric, technology, and pedagogy--some Kairosnews bloggers, even--get involved.




but...You knew there had to be a but. From the project descriptions they talk about "volumes." Are the results of a Digital Media and Learning project going to be print bound? I see they have some streaming videos, but what about the real "meat" of project--the group and individual grants? Yes, they have a blog, yes, they have white papers, but what about the MacSeries Volumes? I'm not trying to be overly critical, but it seems a bit strange that an initiative on digital media and learning would be print bound. Does anyone know if these volumes will open content and electronically available?