Wiki + Google Maps = Katrina Information Map

As a former resident of Louisiana (for twenty four years), I've been keeping my eye on the news coverage concerning Katrina. No, none of my immediate family lives in the New Orleans area, but like most sensible people I'm concerned about the damage it's done to citizens and the awful destruction it's done to so many important historical buildings. From what I've been hearing, the fed response has been slow to the point that many people have accused them of being racist or discriminating against the poor.

Anyway, with all of that bad news, it's nice to know that at least one cool thing has emerged from this: The Katrina Information Map, which brings together the power of wikis and Google Maps to create a useful public resource for tracking or reporting flood damage. I see that most people are using the service to inquire about loved ones or report flooding on various strees. I highly suggest checking it out; it's simply fascinating. For information about the folks responsible for the map, read this Wired article, which features an interview with founders Jonathan Menendez and Greg Stoll.