blacklily8 Involved in Avatar Steroids Controversy with WoW

In a press interview earlier today, game player and game reviewer blacklily8 admitted that his avatar on World of Warcraft has been using virtual steroids for the last two years:

I took my lead from Barry Bonds and the MLB. Virtual performance enhancing drugs are the only way in today's MMORPG environment to gain the experience points necessary for maintaining my character's stats in WoW. But let me state clearly that I'm not the first to do this; there are others in virtual RPG environments who have been using the same cheat to keep up with the competitive world of online game play.

While blacklily8 was unwilling to comment on any others involved in this controvery, rumor has it that a mysterious Dr. B. is at the center of this virtual societal problem. This leave us to wonder whether former US Senate members will step forward to investigate this issue?


I have never taken steroids! We have only rarely used dietary supplements!

Dr. B.'s Blog

So you are admitting that you are the mysterious Dr. B. that is rumored to be involved in the WoW controversy?