Dr Hairy in: Mentoring

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The thirteenth Dr Hairy instalment, concluding the first series of short videos about the adventures and frustrations of an ordinary (but rather hirsute) General Practitioner. In this one, Dr Hairy reaches a crisis in his career and decides to seek the help of a mentor - with hilarious results!

Call for 2012 Technology Innovator Award Nominations


Nominations are due 23 April 2012




Deadline for nominations: 23 April 2012


The CCCC Committee on Computers in Composition and Communication will honor an innovator in our community at the 2012 Computers and Writing Conference at North Carolina State University, and we need your help to identify a person who has pushed our field regarding excellence in teaching, more rigorous scholarship, and deeper levels of service.


Call for Papers: Winter 2012 Issue of Academic Exchange Quarterly

The Winter 2012 Issue of Academic Exchange Quarterly, an independent double-blind-peer-reviewed print journal, is now accepting submissions for its special section on Writing Center Theory and Practice.  Articles may explore issues of theory, practice, and experience in writing center work, including qualitative and empirical studies and discussions of pedagogy.

Position Announcement: University of Central Florida

I am writing to share information about a vacancy in the Department of Writing and Rhetoric at UCF. Please excuse cross-postings. Please also share this information with any interested graduate students who are about to graduate.

Position Number: 32147
Department: Writing & Rhetoric
Search Committee Chairperson: J. Blake Scott
Position Rank/Title: Instructor
Internal Title: Upper Division Instructor


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