Computers and Writing 2003

Computers and Writing 2003: Discovering Digital Dimensions will take place at Purdue University May 22-25, 2003.


Purdue's Online Writing Lab (OWL)

Purdue's Online Writing Lab has over 200 handouts for students and teachers, hypertext workshops, PowerPoint presentations, and Internet resources for writers. You can also email a tutor with writing-related questions.

The Writing Lab Newsletter

The Writing Lab Newsletter is a forum for exchanging ideas and information about writing centers in colleges, universities, and high schools. Articles focus on challenges in directing a writing center, training tutors, adding computers, designing and expanding centers, and using tutorial theory and pedagogy While it remains a print newsletter, you can now read Volumes 1-20 of the Writing Lab Newsletter online as Adobe PDFs, and you can search the newsletter database for articles.

The International Writing Centers Association (IWCA)

The IWCA site has links to lists of writing centers, resourcs for writing center directors (including the Writing Center startup kit), electronic and print journals, and other resources.

Purdue OWL's List of Writing Labs & Writing Centers on the Web

A list of writing labs and writing centers with websites that the Purdue OWL maintains. Updated fairly frequently, and the maintainers invite submissions.


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