Why I No Longer Create Syllabi

At some point, using “syllabi” as the plural of “syllabus” started to bother me.

Being “correct” about egg-headed words such as phenomenon/phenomena or criterion/criteria is among the most visible markers of education and class — and insufferable pedantry.

For instance, those who wear tinfoil hats while blogging from their parents’ basements are likely to wave their beer bottles and complain “The media is out to get me,” while those working in the media are likely to set down their wine glasses and sniff, “Actually, the media are out to get you.”

Composition after the Global Youth Uprising


In a sensational interview with Russian Today, “trends analyst” Gerald Celente makes several predictions about the near future. Some of the predictions are safe bets for any professional prognosticator, such as that the market for locally grown produce will soar in the midst of increasingly frequent recalls of mass produced food. However, when Celente focuses his crystal ball on the political furor over Wikileaks, we find him making the rather alarming claim that a devastating cyber war is just on the horizon.


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2012 C&W/GRN Travel Grant Awards Fund

A Day for Southern is once again soliciting contributions to the GSU Foundation.  Please earmark funds for A/C #0694 Graduate Research Network!  Give till it hurts.  J  http://class.georgiasouthern.edu/writling/GRN/2012/awards.html

TT Position in Professional and Technical Writing

The Department of Writing and Linguistics is pleased to offer a tenure track position at the assistant professor level. The Professional and Technical Writing component of the BA in Writing and Linguistics is growing exponentially with the addition of P&T Writing to the online Bachelor of General Studies degree. We are currently planning a graduate certificate in P&T Writing, and our department will begin planning other graduate programs this year.

University System of Georgia
Assistant Professor of Professional and Technical Writing—Search #59339


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