Online Sections of First-Year Writing

Starting this fall (yeah, in a few weeks), we're going to offer a couple of sections of our first-year writing courses online. Does anyone have any advice, or can you point me toward some readings? I have a great teacher teaching these classes who has some experience with online education, but I'm sure she'd appreciate any extra help I can give her. Though I've used technology a lot in my teaching, I myself have never taught or taken a completely online course.


A regular and consistent schedule is generlly helpful. For instance, I may have a draft due on Friday at midnight (always midnight, and not watching the clock for a 12:01 submission), responses due by Monday (or whenever) at midnight, and drafts for a grade at Day X at midnight, consistently.

Also, if you do peer responses, which I would hope, have the responses be first come, first served. Don't assign response groups because the late people will rankle the early people and you'll get lots of messages about so-and-so hasn't posted/responded. First come, first served, maximum number of response with those after the max not counting as fulfilling the assignment. Works pretty well. Thanks to Judi K at Kapiolani for this approach.