Remixing "A Story Before Bed"

When I found out that a spam blog called "" was republishing the entire content of my blog, and several other blogs, I first posted a screenshot of how my material appeared on the other site, and then a screenshot of how my screenshot had appeared on the other site. That site was also serving up an ad for "A Story Before Bed," a service that lets users with a webcam record a video of themselves reading a kind-friendly story.

Anyone interested in teaching about remix culture might be interested in creating an assignment like this. I used the spam blogger's scraper against him, and used the media service he was advertising in order to communicate my displeasure. See: "Scrape, Scrape, Spam Blog, Have You Scraped My Site?" -- Dennis Jerz

This story has a happy ending -- the other guy immediately took down my material, and soon after shut down the whole site; the next day he posted an apology. So this whole activity serves another important purpose -- it shows a textbook example of what you SHOULD do if you find one of your missteps has created buzz: limit the damage by admitting your mistake rather than trying to silence or ignore the complaints.


Glad to see you got it resolved, Dennis. And it's great story. Your various blog posts would make a good reading for an Internet Culture class.