"Stars Come Out" Against Music Piracy

Washington Post reports that the recording industry is beginning a "star-studded" ad campaign against online music piracy featuring Britney Spears and Stevie Wonder. The campaign will include full-page newspaper ads as well as radio and tv spots.

Comment: are these artists basically saying "let us make more money?"


The recording industry has far too large of an infrastructure anyway. My dream is that piracy will drastically reduce their importance in getting music to the masses. Last I heard, individual artists were only making a few cents off each CD sold. Most of their money came from endorsements and concerts, which shouldn't suffer in the least from music piracy.

I agree. The real fear in the music industry is not about cd sales slumping, but that the Internet and p2p offer the means for muscians to promote their own music, negating the need for the record labels. And these pay for access p2p networks may manage to do it anyway. If I were Sony, Virgin Records, etc., I'd be buying into pay p2p services in case they take off.

What I find hilarious is that these Record companies are trying to elicit sympathy from the same people they've been scalping for decades. I have absolutely NO sympathy for any of them.

The internet has dramatically changed the music I listen to anyway, though. I haven't bought a CD in years, but not because I can get the same music free via IMESH, etc. What I find myself listening to these days is music created by amateurs, hobbyists, and other people who write music for pleasure and fun. Most of these tunes are just as good as anything you'd hear on the radio, but most are far better. Of course, http://mp3.com is one site where private artists can publish their work, but I prefer streams. I recommend this site very highly: Nectarine Radio.