Student sues university following charges of plagiarism

This in via the NCTE Inbox today:

UT Student Sues School, Says It Slandered Her

"TAMPA - A University of Tampa student is suing the university and a professor, saying they slandered her by accusing her of plagiarism and calling a panel that supported the charge 'a kangaroo court.'"

Other than the fact that a school plagiarism charge may be settled in court--apparently this is the first time--a couple of other interesting items:

1) The student claims to have included the sources allegedly plagiarized in the bibliography. Maybe this will stimulate conversation about the differences between plagiarism and poor attribution and make the plagiarism police a little more hesitant to trounce on students who do the latter.

2) I doubt we'll see this case mentioned in any Turnitin testimonials. The paper was originally submitted to which found no evidence of plagiarism.


I think it's interesting that this happened in a criminology course. Perhaps the student isn't to blame so much as the subject matter of the course. If the student had been taken a course in, say, Moral Values 101, then this wouldn't have happened. We need more courses like Moral Values 101.

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Do you think this will hurt turnitin's marketing prowess?

I'd never come down on a student that hard for sloppy citations. I give 'D' to any paper containing inadvertent plagiarism, but they get to revise and fix it, the plagiarism and their grade. The last time I failed a student was when a student submitted someone else's blog entry. It wasn't even close to the assigned task and the plagiarism was wholly intentional.

It's back to reading essays for me.

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