Studio Sues to Enjoin Children from Blinking, Singing During TV

Just got this in by email. From the Electronic Frontier Foundation EFFector newsletter for today:

Twentieth Century Ferret Pictures announced today
that it will begin suing children 2-6 years old for creating
unauthorized derivative works of its popular "Bernard the Talking
Dinosaur" television show. Children, the studio claims, often
blink, babble or sing while watching the show.

"This is a clear violation of our exclusive rights over the
show's performance," said Wade Aminute, spokesman for Ferret.
"Closing your eyes during the broadcast, even for a moment,
materially modifies the sequence of images that will be seared into
one's brain for eternity. Not to mention that it interferes
with our subliminal product placements. We cannot allow such
intrusions upon the sanctity of our creative works."

Ferret says it expects most children will settle the suits for
between three lollipops and their rock collection.