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Open Humanities Press -- Addressing Greenblatt's Crisis in Scholarly Publication

Today's Chronicle had an article on the Open Humanities Press. One of the board members is Stephen Greenblatt, who as MLA president wrote an influential letter on the coming crisis in scholarly publishing.

From the Chronicle article:

KB Journal 3.1 Released

The Fall 2006 issue of KB Journal /(vol. 3.1), an online journal elaborating on the work of Kenneth Burke, is now available at http://kbjournal.org. This issue features articles by Keith Gibson on the influence of Frazer's The Golden Bough on Burke's Attitudes Toward History; by Robert S. Littlefield, Timothy L. Sellnow, and Matthew I. Attansey on crisis communication responsive to the 2004 tsunami; and by Timothy Crusius on Burke and ethics. Additionally, we reprint the entire preface to Burke's new book Late Poems, 1968-1993, and three selections, as well as a review of the book by Miriam Clark. We remember the contributions of Bernard Brock and Leland Griffin in essays by James Chesebro and Mark Wright. Our Happenings section offers photos of a new sculpture at the old Burke homeplace by Michael Burke. Finally, we offer several new research reviews of recent publications in Burke studies and begin a new "book gallery," featuring information about new Burke-authored books and their availability.

making MediaCommons

In July, the Institute for the Future of the Book announced plans to build MediaCommons, a new kind of scholarly press for the digital age with a focus on media studies -- a social network in which academics, students, and other interested members of the public can forge critical pathways through a mediated world and publish dynamically in a mediated environment. Today we are pleased to announce the first concrete step toward the establishment of this network: making MediaCommons, a planning site through which founding editors Kathleen Fitzpatrick (Pomona College) and Avi Santo (Old Dominion U.) will begin to develop the project in public.

Call for Reviews: Currents in Electronic Literacy

The University of Texas Computer Writing and Research Lab's eJournal Currents in Electronic Literacy announces a new format and announces a Call for Reviews:

We are excited to announce that Currents is moving in a new direction. The Spring 2007 issue of Currents will focus on reviews. We believe a journal based on reviews can be of much greater relevance to the field than our past models, which consisted of a few long articles supplemented by short book reviews. However, in this new model we will conceive of “reviews” more broadly. In addition to reviewing books, we are soliciting reviews of software, websites, blogs, conferences, parallel academic programs, and pedagogical practices. We hope that the new version of Currents will point out emerging trends in the field of electronic literacy.

Parlor Press/Glassbead Books Launch

We've published a new book and launched a new imprint at Parlor Press that I hope will be of interest to Kairosnews readers. The book is Looking for a Fight: Is There a Republican War on Science? and it has been published under the new imprint Glassbead Books. As you'll see at the book's website, it's a Crooked Timber "book event" and collects respsonses to Chris Mooney's much-discussed The Republican War on Science. Many more such books are planned.


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