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Results--Survey on Open Source Adoption and Usage

Thanks to all of you who participated in the Survey on Open Source Adoption and Usage. We have included the results of the survey (with any identifying comments redacted to ensure confidentiality) on the OSAAC website, located here: We have done some data analysis and are also providing the raw data in Microsoft Excel (.xls) format. In the near future, we will include an analysis of these findings in a joint publication.

Once again, thank you for your participation.

Ben McCorkle, Asst. Professor of English, OSU Marion, mccorkle.12[at]

Blackboard to partner with Sakai

This from

Blackboard, the dominant player in course management software, has the ability to inspire devotion and, for the more fervid open-source adherents, not a little contempt. So today’s announcement may cause a stir among those more apt to liken Blackboard to the devil than a gentle giant: The company is partnering with Syracuse University to develop a way to integrate Blackboard with Sakai, one of the primary open-source alternatives.

The whole story

All 44 Blackboard Patent Claims Invalidated by USPTO

Slashdot has picked up a story stating that all 44 Blackboard patient claims have been invalidated by the USPTO. Such patients may have hindered other Learning Management Systems (such as Moodle) and Content Management Systems (such as Drupal).

CCCC08 Course Management Systems Workshop?

A colleague of mine here at West Point is doing some interesting things with BlackBoard in her composition course, and she's interested in working with people who are doing things on other CMS platforms. This year was her first CCCC, and she's excited about putting together a courseware workshop proposal for next year.

Google Docs

I've just started using Google Docs for a collaborative project, and I love it. The students seem pretty happy with it, as well. (They especially like the ability to revert to an earlier version.)

I know that a few other people on here are using it, too. How are you using it? What features do you find unusually helpful (or limiting)?


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