APA promotes open-access (yay!) ... and charges authors $2500 each (boo!)

From the Chronicle -- an interesting power play for control over intellectual property:

In what appears to be a new policy, the American Psychological Association will require authors who publish in its journals to let it deposit their papers in open-access repositories — and it will charge them $2,500 to do so.

More from the RIAA reports that the music industry is engaging in something akin to preemptive strikes. The article Mysterious Multiplication of Copyright Complaints takes a look at the speculative reasons behind increase in complaints lodged with a variety of colleges and universities, both big and small, despite no evidence of an increase in illegally shared files.

The new complaints seem to be resulting in an increased reluctance to pursue alleged violations. For instance,

Blog Posts E-mails from Infocom Network Hard Drive; Ethical Issues are Raised; Text Adventure Nerds Get Excited

Imagine that -- unfolding in real time -- you find a perfect real-world example that, with eerie clarity, embodies almost all the concepts you've devoted yourself to teaching and studying in the past ten or so years.

Micrsoft and Intel killing OLPC

The Wall Street Journal today, November 24, has a great report on the way in which One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) is faltering, in large part due to the efforts, official and backchannel, of Microsoft and Intel. Intel has launched it's own cheap laptop, called Classmate, fostering direct competition, even after the signing of a nondisparagment agreement. MS, as you might expect, has badmouthed OLPC from the top, Bill Gates, all according to the WSJ.

Utah OpenCourseWare Alliance

The “Utah OpenCourseWare Alliance” Web site launches today (9/28/2007) with materials from 105 courses at seven Utah colleges – and with taxpayer monies funding the enterprise. “It’s a way,” [David Wiley, director of Utah State’s Center for Open and Sustainable Learning] says, “”to get some direct value back to people who fund higher education."


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