Great Plagiarists of History

I was browsing Digg today and came across 5 Great Men Who Built Their Careers on Plagiarism on I'm not going to vouch for the authenticity of Mr. Evans' report, but still good stuff.

If you need a chuckle after reading that, look at this inspirational poster for abstinence programs.


Traffic School for Essay Thieves

Inside Higher Ed reports on a new program at Pima Community College’s West Campus where students who plagiarize can go to "traffic school for plagiarism."

This is a great idea, but I still think students should fail the original assignment. Perhaps this should be the alternative to facing university sanctions.

Google Book Search and Plagiarism

This recent article from Slate states:

Given the popularity of plagiarism-seeking software services for academics, it may be only a matter of time before some enterprising scholar yokes Google Book Search and plagiarism-detection software together into a massive literary dragnet, scooping out hundreds of years' worth of plagiarists—giants and forgotten hacks alike—who have all escaped detection until now.

More on Turnitin

To continue archiving information on Turnitin and other plagiarism detection software, I wanted to post this link to the editorial Charlie and I just published in the American Federation of Teachers newsletter: What teachers should know about plagiarism software



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