CBB Plagiarism Resource Site

As a joint effort, Colby, Bates, and Bowdoin colleges have a resource site and weblog on plagiarism. The site provides syndication for the weblog, a bibliography with print and electronic resources, and tutorials. Also, I think the site theme designer deserves some recognition for the excellent custom Drupal theme.


Send Them Back!

We all know how wrong it is to steal MP3s from our favorite artists. RIAA, which should stand for Righteous and Indignant Artist Association, is quite right in blaming teens and even pre-teens for ruining the careers of so many hungry but talented artists across this country.

Send Them is trying to do something about it. The site is asking fans to quit shoplifting and stealing and, in an act of noble retribution, TO SEND BACK THOSE ILLEGAL MP3s. This page was created by Parents and Their Kids against Stealing™, a group dedicated to helping kids feel better about themselves through File Sharing Abstinence. We are committed to spreading the word that stealing is not OK.

Student Successfully Challenges McGill University's "" Policy

student wins fight over anti-cheating website ( href="">CBC)

A student at McGill University has won the right to have his assignments
marked without first submitting them to an American, anti-plagiarism website.

That Conclusion Looks Familiar... I Wrote It!

Recently I was surfing the Web, and on a computer science professor's curricular website at York University, I found what appears to be a student project on the Memex: "Is Memex a Digital Media?" I was annoyed to find that two of the three concluding bulleted points were lifted from an article I recently published.

I am credited in the "References" section, but there are no quotation marks and there is no in-text citation. I e-mailed the professor and got no response. Then I e-mailed both the professor and the department chair, and still got no response. It's been almost two weeks.

Even worse, my conclusion is taken out of context and used to support an answer that I think is wrong.


Plagiarism Conference

Colby, Bates, and Bowdoin colleges are co-sponsoring a one-day conference on
on 15 October 2003 at Colby.

Part of a Mellon grant to develop an instruction program to discourage the
occurrence of plagiarism among undergraduates, the conference, "Information
Ethics and Academic Honesty," provides a forum to discuss the global issues
of plagiarism for higher education. By bringing together faculty,
librarians, technologists, administrators, and students from a range of
schools, this event seeks to provide multiple perspectives on the ethical,


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