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Results--Survey on Open Source Adoption and Usage

Thanks to all of you who participated in the Survey on Open Source Adoption and Usage. We have included the results of the survey (with any identifying comments redacted to ensure confidentiality) on the OSAAC website, located here: http://rhetoricalcommons.org/OSAAC/node/22. We have done some data analysis and are also providing the raw data in Microsoft Excel (.xls) format. In the near future, we will include an analysis of these findings in a joint publication.

Once again, thank you for your participation.

Ben McCorkle, Asst. Professor of English, OSU Marion, mccorkle.12[at]osu.edu

Survey of Open Source Adoption and Usage

Greetings. We are conducting a preliminary online survey aimed at assessing the role of open source software in the scholarly and pedagogical practices of the Rhetoric & Composition and English Studies community. As a scholar and teacher of Rhetoric & Composition and/or of English Studies, you are being invited to participate in this survey. Please take a few moments to respond to this very brief ten-question survey on the subject at the link provided below.

Creative Writing and Comp Jobs (Tenure-Track) at Seton Hill University


Seton Hill University seeks published novelist of popular fiction (preferably mystery/suspense), to teach and to mentor novel-length theses in the graduate low-residency Writing Popular Fiction program (half-load), and to teach undergraduate courses in creative writing and first-year composition.

Candidates should hold a Ph.D. in English, MFA considered. Background in journalism, publishing, and/or editing a plus. Teaching experience/potential at undergraduate level desirable.

Teaching "Conversational Skills" in Writing

I noticed Trent Baston has been writing some interesting opinion pieces for Campus Technology. Yesterday's article was "Learning in the Webiverse: How Do You Grade a Conversation?" Here's the teaser:

Academics have long talked of the "academic conversation." Now, Web 2.0 has called our bluff. We live in the midst of a non-stop world conversation. But, are conversational skills (in writing) important and, if so, how do we teach them?

See also these recent articles:

RIAA bowing down to Washington (University of)?

A story from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer indicates more resistance, maybe even growing resistance, to the RIAA strategy of going after students through the institution they attend. Here's the lead:

The University of Washington is evaluating reports that 16 students illegally downloaded music on campus computers, and officials say they won't pass along letters from the Recording Industry Association of America asking for thousands of dollars until they can identify the students at fault.


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