London Churches, Part 3

"Inside, it's suddenly evening, suddenly quiet. Almost subterranean. Little glowing lights, opulent gloom. Big smooth pillars. Grey daylight gleaming weakly in the windows, seemingly a long way off, as if the outside world has gone faint and distant. The way it does when you're lying in hospital, wondering if you'll ever get back there. Like my Dad last year, that evening on the ward, my last visit."

The third part of a hyperfiction based on visits to churches in the City of London. Part 3 takes in the following:


London Churches, Part 2

"Coffee stall by the front entrance. People drinking coffee in the shade of a tree. More or less everyone in suits. Business coffee-break. Giles, meet me at half-two, outside the church, for a power-espresso. Stockbrokers, financiers, commodity-dealers. I don't do tangibles, I do invisibles, I'm into futures, that's where the big money is. Right in front of the church steps. If Jesus were to pay an unexpected visit, I wonder if he'd knock their tables over?"


London Churches, Part 1

The idea of the London Churches project is to visit every church in the City of London - and probably a few outside - and use the visits as the basis of an online work. This isn't a blog, and it certainly isn't a historical or architectural guide. It's a work of hyperfiction, but derived from real places, real experiences, real observations and real conversations. In many ways it isn't about the churches themselves, but the experience of visiting them.


Unanswered Questions

New on The Hyperliterature Exchange for November 2005: Edward Picot reviews "Inanimate Alice", a new media fiction from Kate Pullinger and Babel, and "Aftershocks", a new media murder documentary from Martha Deed.

"Both 'Inanimate Alice' and 'Aftershocks' use unanswered questions as a technique for capturing our attention. They exploit the fact that when things are left unresolved, we feel more obliged to read on, in search of a resolution. But both stories go further than simply arousing our curiosity..."

To read the whole review, go to http://hyperex.co.uk/reviewafteralice.php .

The Hyperliterature Exchange is an online directory and review of new media literature for sale on the Web. More than 120 works are now listed. Please visit and browse at http://hyperex.co.uk .


The Greyhound Murder

"After dark, someone came knocking on the door. Seven knocks, so loud they went right through the house...
I was looking at the sky. It was a windy day. There were white clouds going across, brilliantly white, and beyond them the blue...
'By their fruits shall ye know them,' he said. 'And he that is unjust, let him be unjust still, for the hour is at hand.'...
I shone my torch: something brown to the left of the drive. A boot. Then something bulky in the weeds. A leg, two legs, a body. Twisted and red..."

A new nonlinear story, "The Greyhound Murder", is now available on my personal website, for 25c via BitPass.



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