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For those who are intersted, I've blogged my notes from CCCC 2009.

Group Projects: Pros and Cons?

On the official course evaluation form at my school, students tick a box that indicates whether the course involved group work. I get to tick off a separate box, in which I indicate whether I think group work is important for the course, but seeing that box there semester after semester naturally makes me think of more ways to do group work.

Teaching "Conversational Skills" in Writing

I noticed Trent Baston has been writing some interesting opinion pieces for Campus Technology. Yesterday's article was "Learning in the Webiverse: How Do You Grade a Conversation?" Here's the teaser:

Academics have long talked of the "academic conversation." Now, Web 2.0 has called our bluff. We live in the midst of a non-stop world conversation. But, are conversational skills (in writing) important and, if so, how do we teach them?

See also these recent articles:

Special Issue of JCMC on Social Networking Sites

Thought folks here would be interested in the material in the latest Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication. Here are the articles that interest me most, but they all look great:

Teaching Writing Now: A Collection of Open Source and Web-Based Applications and How We Teach With Them

As CCCC moves to adopt a resolution on open source software, this Drupal book will serve as a collaborative space to contribute links to open source and free web-based applications as well as to highlight examples (syllabi, assignments, student work, blogs, articles, etc.) that show these tools in action.


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