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New Technologies

Results--Survey on Open Source Adoption and Usage

Thanks to all of you who participated in the Survey on Open Source Adoption and Usage. We have included the results of the survey (with any identifying comments redacted to ensure confidentiality) on the OSAAC website, located here: We have done some data analysis and are also providing the raw data in Microsoft Excel (.xls) format. In the near future, we will include an analysis of these findings in a joint publication.

Once again, thank you for your participation.

Ben McCorkle, Asst. Professor of English, OSU Marion, mccorkle.12[at]

Survey of Open Source Adoption and Usage

Greetings. We are conducting a preliminary online survey aimed at assessing the role of open source software in the scholarly and pedagogical practices of the Rhetoric & Composition and English Studies community. As a scholar and teacher of Rhetoric & Composition and/or of English Studies, you are being invited to participate in this survey. Please take a few moments to respond to this very brief ten-question survey on the subject at the link provided below.

people being microchipped

I found this while taking a break from reading summer school essays. It seems the black helicopter folks were right. Micro-chipping moved from the pet arena to the people arena.

Early Aristotle commentary revealed through modern image techniques

According to a recent BBC article, recent imaging of a known palimpsest has revealed an early (2nd or 3rd century) commentary on Aristotle's Categories. That's an interesting connection between the modern and the ancient.

wireless social networking

The October 10 edition of Spokane's Spokesman Review carried a story about wireless social networking for members. (You'll need to buy an account to read the whole story so I took out the link.) The network provides wireless access to members, as long as you are willing to share your wireless with other members. This means free wi-fi wherever the service is available in Europe and the US, if you are a member. The service requires a router that allows for an individual's private access and secured member access at the same time.


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