Up, up and away

Adam Thierer in Technology Liberation Front has a nice overview of the recent raft of books on the internet. Thierer presents a schema grouping optimists and pessimists, and books by their beliefs/themes.


Lessig predicts an Internet catastrophy and an Internet PATRIOT Act response

I just saw this piece from Fortune reporting that Lawrence Lessig is predicting a catastrophic online event within the next decade that will prompt the US government to unveil an already-written bill similar to the PATRIOT Act which will grant the Fed additional powers in Internet surveilance and investigation. Evidently, Lessig got this information from a counterterrorism expert:


In the context of no context

Lee Drutman has a good review in the July 5 LA Times of a book with a really long title. In fact, since I am on the internets so often doing the google and other stuff, this title is actually longer than my attention span enables me to read.


The gOS Linux desktop at Walmart and IBM's report on advertising

Digg reports that Walmart's new $199 gOS Linux desktop PC is getting good reviews over at Walmart (note that it is currently sold out). Anyone can take the gOS for a test drive if they'd like without purchasing the Walmart machine.


Ron Paul, here's my Cubic-Zirconia Encrusted Tweezers for your Campaign

I'm wondering what everyone thinks of Ron Paul. He seems to be making headlines lately, such as this writeup about how he raised 4.3 million in some kind of Guy Fawkes-related fund-raising campaign. What the heck? I did see the movie and read the graphic novel, but still not feeling vindictive or vascular enough to vacate the verisimilitude.



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