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WPA Technology Outcomes Statement

A group of folks who are revising the technology section of the WPA Outcomes Statement. The version linked here is from 2000, and I wasn't able to find a more recent version. The one from 2000 didn't even have a technology section, so to have one at all is an improvement.

Push for simpler spelling persists

I saw this on the news last night, too, and the pundits cried their fears that our language would be ruined.

Well, it's not going to be ruined, but here is my question for the American Literacy Council. So elementary school students will be able to learn to read and write more easily with phonetic spelling. They'll still have to learn traditional english spellings or they won't be able to easily read the texts produced for the last few hundred years. What do you do about that literacy issue?

Kids Unleashed: And Larnin'?

I just watched Voices from the New American Schoolhouse trailer at YouTube after hearing about it at Boing Boing. The clip concerns a radial experiment in education taking place in Fairhaven. It's a school where kids (of all ages) make the rules and decide what they want to learn and when.

Of course, I've heard about projects like this before, and we can find parallels in the history of universities (such as those of Bologna). Somehow, though, I'm skeptical. If I were 12 and allowed to "make my own lesson plan," it would consist entirely of videogames and the occasional SF flick.


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